OrchestrallConnect Announces Partnership

12 Jan 2018 John Constantine

Orchestrall, Inc. partners with Primal Pictures to bring Primal’s 3D anatomy content to the Healthcare and Life Sciences market as a just-in-time learning component of the OrchestrallConnect suite of corporate university solutions

West Conshohocken, PA, USA, January 2018 – Orchestrall, Inc., a company committed to improving healthcare by building a system of complementary capabilities from world class companies, is announcing a partnership with Primal Pictures, pioneer of the world’s most medically-accurate and detailed 3D model of human anatomy based on real scan data. Orchestrall will offer Primal Pictures content and solutions as part of OrchestrallConnect, a unique end-to-end suite of technologies and services delivering corporate training and development. The partnership makes it possible for organizations in the healthcare and life sciences market, including pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, to save time and money in developing highly effective training and development programs for sales team and staff training, R&D and product management, and physician education and engagement.


The partnership combines Primal Pictures’ award-winning 3D anatomy, physiology and clinical content and solutions with OrchestrallConnect’s expertise in offering captivating sales training, onboarding, development and medical education solutions that facilitate faster learning, clear comprehension and superior retention—enabling organizations to effectively differentiate their people, products and services.


In addition to accessing Primal content, Orchestrall clients will have the opportunity to license access to Primal’s Core Solutions as part of the just-in-time learning component of OrchestrallConnect’s suite of content and courses, enabling them to benefit from Primal’s 3D anatomy content throughout their learning and development lifecycle. Clients can also leverage Primal’s Tailored Consult and Targeted Solutions, which, along with Core Solutions, make up Primal’s Strategic Value Program, a range of powerful customized content, solutions and programs to enhance training, development and marketing strategies.


“This partnership makes it possible for companies across the spectrum of pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech markets to benefit from Primal’s 3D anatomy content to develop powerful training and development programs as part of OrchestrallContent’s mission to bring dynamic and innovative solutions to the demanding challenges of corporate training and development,” Said John Constantine, Senior Vice President for Orchestrall.  “We look forward to offering Primal Pictures’ solutions as an instrumental component of OrchestrallConnect.”


“Primal Pictures is excited to partner with Orchestrall, Inc. and to offer its unrivalled cutting-edge 3D anatomy to the just-in-time learning component that OrchestrallConnect brings to the market,” said Diane Harnish, Global Commercial Director of Primal Pictures.


For more information on Orchestrall, Inc., and OrchestrallConnect, please contact: (US) +1 888 658 9816 (toll free) or visit their website at www.orchestrallinc.com.


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About Primal Pictures

Primal Pictures offers the most complete, detailed and medically-accurate digital 3D model of human anatomy for health care students, educators, practitioners, researchers and industry. The company’s market-leading web-based 3D anatomy software solutions are widely adopted and used in nearly 1,500 academic and clinical institutions across the globe to enhance health care education and practice. Primal Pictures is a part of Informa PLC.


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Informa operates at the heart of the Knowledge and Information Economy. It is one of the world’s leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events businesses. With more than 6,500 employees globally, it has a presence in all major geographies, including North America, South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.